• What are the benefits of getting my trees trimmed?
    There are two main reasons to routinely have your trees trimmed – safety and healthy growth. Whether your tree lacks access to sunlight, the soil underneath the tree starts dying, or a large branch is at risk of falling, tree trimming helps provide safety for your property, increases the health and lifespan of your tree, and adds to your curb appeal.

  • When is the best time to prune a tree?
    Tree pruning varies depending on the species of the tree and the purpose of trimming. If you are pruning to remove dead trees, it can be done at any time. However, for a casual pruning on most deciduous trees, pruning should occur in late winter while it’s dormant. Maple trees should be pruned in the winter because it will minimize the risk of the fungal disease spreading, like oak wilt. Your local tree service can provide professional guidance on when it would be best to prune your trees.

    Do I need a professional for tree removal?
    Tree removal services aren’t regularly a DIY project, especially if you have no tree care experience. If it is minor tree trimming or shrub trimming work – feel free to research effective methods. However, in the case of tree removal – the dangers involved make it better to leave to the professionals. Tree removal specialists often provide the necessary equipment and utilize safety measures to ensure a job well done injuries or accidents.

  • What is involved with the tree removal process?
    The first step is assessing your tree landscape, overseeing which trees are diseased or need trimming and determining potential risk factors. When dealing with tree removal, we determine the condition and direction in which the tree should come down and utilize state-of-the-art equipment and safety techniques to ensure a satisfactory job, minimizing the potential for injuries or damage to your property.

    What is to be expected from a tree removal company?
    Experience. Honesty. Reliability. All these traits are essential in finding the ideal tree removal service, and having these results in better workmanship, superior customer service, and affordable pricing. It is also beneficial to work with an insured company to guarantee your protection on all services provided.

  • Are stump grinding and stump removal necessary?
    Stump grinding and stump removal are more of a commodity than a necessity. Stumps can be at risk for pest infestation, and weeds or sprout growth and they become a nuisance when you are mowing the lawn. They can even be hazardous if they are hidden in the long grass. You can either use chemicals that can affect the soil and render it useless or undergo a process called stump grinding, which hacks away at the wood.

    What is tree topping?
    Tree topping is the process of removing whole tops of trees, leaving stubs and lateral branches that are too small. We recommend having a professional perform this service because it could damage your tree. In many cases, tree topping is a last resort option.

  • What factors go into the cost of tree service?
    No two trees are the same. Thus, no price tag is the same. With every project, the price can change based on the size of the tree, the number of trees you need servicing, the species, and the work that is needed. However, a professional tree service company will provide upfront quotes before working on your trees.